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The Year-Round Garden

Can you really create a garden that looks beautiful all year round? 
Put the right plant in the right place and you can build a garden that offers delights throughout the seasons.

Trees and shrubs

Providing a solid backbone to any garden, trees and shrubs are invaluable additions to any garden. Even the smallest of outdoor spaces can benefit from the extra height of a tree or the evergreen colours of a shrub. Autumn and spring are great times to plant trees and shrubs - the ground is warm enough for them to settle in happily, and they have a chance to out down strong new roots before the heat of the summer.

Perennials and grasses

The perfect middle layer of any garden, and a lovely way to add colour and interest. The variety of perennials and grasses available to gardeners is almost limitless and this is where you can really go to town with your colour scheme and garden theme. The majority of perennials and grasses available at Sunnyfields have been grown in our own gardens so we can give you first-hand advice based on our own experiences.

Bedding and bulbs

Nothing says spring like the first signs of daffodils and crocus, and could there be anything more summery than bright, vibrant begonias? Bedding and bulbs are like the exclamation marks in a garden - stop you in your tracks pops of colour! 

Our summer bedding plants are usually available from mid-May (once we're confident we've had the last frost), and look out for our Dutch Bulb Market which takes place each September.

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