At Sunnyfields we pride ourselves on our quality. By being a grower retailer we are able to be in control of the plants growth from the beginning right through to sale. In order to achieve our high standard of quality the three most important areas are the initial quality of the plug plants, the compost they are planted into and the feed programme.



The professional compost mix we use gives our plants the best possible start. Our Urbinati compost shredder, crumbles the compost to the desired consistency and then precisely mixes slow release fertilisers; as seen below. Fresh compost is extremely important for a long lasting display. Our compost also contains H2GRO, which is a water management additive.





Osmocote Hi-End exact feed, that we use is released with moisture and heat, so by incorporating the feed on the day of production, gives a true 6 month slow release fertiliser for your display. 




High quality seedling and plants are extremely important, for a long lasting display. During our growing season we have weekly deliveries of plants from Holland. The plugs are planted as soon as possible to ensure they have the best possible start. Within five weeks we will grow a finished plant ready for use in window boxes or baskets.





Sunnyfields has a strong environmental ethos which we encourage all our customers to continue where possible.


  • Reduced peat media:

We are currently working in partnership with Sefton Council and Maghull in     Bloom, to provide hanging baskets, perennials and bedding plants grown in 30% reduced   peat media for The Meadows Leisure Centre, Maghull.


  • Recycling:

We recycle through reusing as many of our trays as possible. Those pots and trays which cannot be reused are returned by the pallet to the supplier who recycles them. All our cardboard packaging is taken to a local recycling centre. We also send any broken glass away to be recycled.


  • Composting:

Any plant matter which is unusable or plant trimmings are composted which we then use to improve the soil around the Sunnyfields site.


  • Reducing transport mileage:

We use compost from three different professional suppliers for specific crops. The compost is compressed into four or five cubic metre bales. By compressing it, the transport company can get more bales of compost onto a lorry which reduces the transport mileage.


  • Planting to reduce carbon emissions:

The business began on a very flat bare field. We have planted a wide range of plants to improve the aesthetics, wildlife habitat and offset some of our carbon emissions. We have hedging, many fruit trees and bushes currently planted around the site which are slowly beginning to mature and plans to plant a further 500m of hedging.

Video of compressed compost bales being delivered

Video of plants being delivered from Holland