Moss lined, side planted hanging baskets are our speciality. We pride ourselves on our hand-crafted baskets which require time and skill to produce. Our standard moss basket is a 14-inch product, side planted with ornimental plants such as Fuschia, Surfinia, Temari, Biden, Napita, Becopa, Helycrysum and trailing Begonia; the top has a central taller growing plant such as Geranium or Fuschia. Through our experience we have found this planting pattern produces a full, colourful basket which customers are overjoyed with. 


The process of producing a basket can be seen here:

1) A basket is selected, checking first that there are no imperfections on the framework. 

Moss, which has been pre-sorted by hand, ensuring only the best quality is used is soaked before being layerd across the bottom of the basket creating a base.

2) The base is then filled with our proffesional compost mixed with feed to where the first layer of plants are placed eaqually around the basket ring. Great care is taken to ensure the plants are not damaged as they are young and delicate at this stage. 

3) Following the first layer of side plants, moss is then carefully packed around each individual plant and layered up the side. Larger baskets have several layers, whilest the small baskets may only have one layer.

4) As the plants are layered up the side of the basket, compost is added and the moss continued up the side. On reaching the top a think layer of moss is used to create a soft edge to avoid plants being damaged by the wire rim. 

5) The top plants are planted, taking care to avoid the root balls of the side plants and ensuring everything is eaqually spaced. This creates a professional looking display which once watered in and carefully nurtured in the greenhouse will mature into a fantastic display.


We have hanging baskets for everyone; 14, 16 and 18-inch moss baskets, smaller 12-inch plastic baskets and top planted rattan. Enjoy looking at a few of our selection below, more of which can be found in our shop.

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